“TRINOMICS” – Implementation and monitoring of the recovery and resilience plan for the green transation

by | 20 Mar, 2022 | General News, General News | 0 comments

The IHCantabria Coastal Ecosystems group is collaborating with the Dutch consultancy with a broad European scope “TRINOMICS” in the execution of the project “IMPLEMENTATION AND MONITORING OF THE RECOVERY AND RESILIENCE PLAN FOR THE GREEN TRANSITION” for the General Directorate of Support for Structural Reforms of the European Commission (DG REFORM).

This DG helps EU countries design and implement structural reforms in their efforts to promote job creation and sustainable growth. The collaboration began in February 2022 and will last 22 months. With funding of €2 million and led by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), the group of experts in Spain will carry out actions that help support the Spanish authorities to increase their capacity design, development and implementation of reforms and recovery and resilience plans.

The final results will focus on establishing mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on progress in meeting the objectives of the “green” components of the plans. It is also expected that sectoral reforms related to areas, such as the restoration of coastal wetlands, renewable energy, and renewable hydrogen, among others, will be adopted.

Specifically, IHCantabria will contribute its knowledge of the Cantabrian estuaries and its experience in proposing restoration actions for these ecosystems. This work will focus mainly on the Miera estuary.

In addition to IHCantabria, other national entities such as “Metroeconomica”, the International Institute of Law and the Environment (IIDMA) and the Comillas Technological Research Institute (ITT-ICAI) are collaborating on this project.