During these years of experience both our researchers and our clients have required software solutions in a wide variety of commercial projects and research studies.

This has resulted in a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in a wide range of applications.

Simulation software products, such as the Coastal Modeling System (SMC) for  a better understanding of coastal systems, as well as a more reliable design of coastal performance, and the IHFoam specially designed to simulate coastal, offshore and hydraulic engineering processes, are specially designed for consultants / engineers.

In addition, the institute not only makes a firm strategic commitment to the use of open source software in its infrastructures, but also develops its products under this license and makes them available to the community. All products with this license are maintained by our technicians in our github repository.

customer-specific solutions

The knowledge acquired through our scientific developments and consulting work, allows us to design software specially adapted for specific customers.

Operational managers

Policy makers

Solutions to relevant social problems.