IH-Tsunamis System (IHTSUSY) is an online real-time tsunami simulation and notification application based on the detection and notification of earthquakes anywhere in the Globe.

The system receives the seismic information that international agencies, such as the USGS, provide in real time. With these data, IHTSUSY evaluates whether the earthquake satisfies the necessary characteristics to generate a tsunami, in which case it numerically simulates its propagation and provides, through the app, notifications and interactive maps containing various data of interest, such as the amplitude (or wave height) and the travel times of the wave from the area where it was generated to the potentially affected coastal areas.

In addition, IHTSUSY stores the results of historical tsunami events and recent simulations, so that the calculated data, the characteristics of the events and the maps generated can be consulted through the app. IHTSUSY is a real, reliable, large-scale, tsunami data tool.

The system has been downloaded in more than 9000 personal mobile phones from Sept. 2016 to Dec. 2018 and it is currently used by more than 2100 users from all over the world (16% USA, 15% Indonesia, 9% Germany, 5% Spain, 5% Brazil)