Íñigo Losada received the Leonardo Torres Quevedo National Research Award in Alicante

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Íñigo J. Losada Rodríguez, Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the Universidad de Cantabria (UC) and Director of Research at the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (IHCantabria), has received the Leonardo Torres Quevedo National Research Prize, awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation in recognition of his international leadership in Ocean Engineering and his pioneering contributions to the development of tools that are laying the foundations for the sustainable use of ocean resources and coastal areas.


The ceremony was presided over by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, accompanied by the Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, the Mayor of Alicante, Luis José Barcala and the Secretary General for Research, Raquel Yotti Álvarez, and was held at Casa Mediterráneo, in Alicante.

The 2022 National Research Awards go to Mariano Barbacid, Arkaitz Carracedo, Iñigo Javier Losada, Belén Riveiro, Daniel Innerarity, Josefa Ros, Miguel Ángel Martínez, María Victoria Llorens, Fernando Tomás Maestre, Manuel Delgado Baquerizo, José Cernicharo, Andrés Castellanos, Antonio M. Echavarren, Guillermo Mínguez, Ana Martínez, Marc Güell, Antonio Ros, Carlos Gómez, Luis Moreno, Diana López-Barroso.

On behalf of the Universidad de Cantabria, Losada is the third researcher to receive a National Research Award, after Ángel Pazos (Neuroscience, 1987) and Enrique Castillo (Engineering, 2010).


Íñigo Losada holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Cantabria and the University of Delaware (USA). He promoted the creation of IHCantabria, founded 15 years ago, and has become an international reference in hydraulics research. In addition, he currently directs the Cantabrian Coastal and Ocean Basin, a scientific-technical facility that houses the IHCantabria.

His work has addressed various areas, mainly related to coastal dynamics and its relationship with coastal protection, the effects of climate change in these areas and the development of ocean energy. He is a member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and is one of eleven Spaniards living in Spain who are members of the Panel. He has also participated as lead author in the IPCC report.

With an extensive career in research, management and scientific advice, he is one of the authors of the UN Oceans Report and the third European to win the prestigious Selim Yalin Lifetime Achievement Award” for his contributions over time. Other awards he has won, collectively, are the National Environment Award; two Research Awards from the Social Council of the University of Cantabria; and the Environment Award from the Government of Cantabria.

In addition to these, he has won individual awards: the Augusto González Linares International Award, the Professional Merit Medal of the Spanish Association of Civil Engineers, the G. Moffatt Award and the Frank E. Nicholson Award. Moffatt and Frank E. Nichol Awards of the ASCE and the Rei Jaume I Award for Environmental Protection. He has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of more than 30 international conferences and is a member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering and the European Academy of Sciences.

He has participated in more than 30 national and European projects and is the author of more than 200 scientific publications. He collaborates with public administrations and private institutions all over the world. He has also been the principal investigator or has collaborated in more than 80 technology transfer projects, leading the development of methods, databases and tools used in numerous countries for coastal protection.

He has supervised 24 doctoral theses and has contributed to the training of coastal and climate change managers through coordination and participation in various programmes for national and international institutions and administrations.