IHCantabria receives a delegation of South Korean companies to develop a project based on the use of ICTs

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The project is sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). It will be implemented by the Korean companies Virnect, GS ITM and The Pict (Virnect Consortium).

On Tuesday, July 4, 2023, at the Sala Patronato of the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of the University of Cantabria (IHCantabria), the following will take place) a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a project cooperation agreement were signed that will allow the development, for 7 months, of a digital twin based on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) and the application of augmented reality (AR) technology.

This project is the result of a new vision of the Korean government on the deployment of Korean ICT worldwide. This initiative has been joined by NIPA, another Korean governmental entity, which is sponsoring the new project to be developed in IHCantabria by the Korean companies Virnect, GS ITM and The Pict (the members of the Virnect Consortium). In developing the project, each of these three companies will focus on the implementation of their own field, regarding digital cloud (GS ITM), AR/digital twin (Virnect) and Metaverse (The Pict).

For its part, IHCantabria will contribute its experience in the use of large facilities and the possibility of using ICT tools in the study, design and development of experiments related to the coast, ports and offshore engineering.

Dr. Kyung Man Kim, a representative of Virnect Company, acts as the general manager of the project named “Establishment of Digital Twin Service Platform based on Metaverse Technology at IHCantabria”.

The Korean delegation visiting IHCantabria’s facilities this week is composed of 9 representatives of the Virnect Consortium: Kyung Man Kim, Minsik Oh and Yongjin Lee (from Virnect Co., Ltd.); Chang Dae Jeon, Min Jae Joo and Sun Woo Park (from The Pict Inc.) and Boyoung Jung, Deok Oh and Sahong Lee (from GS ITM).

IHCantabria was represented by Íñigo Losada, Álvaro Álvarez, Raúl Guanche, Carlos Gutiérrez and Mauricio González at the signing of the MoU and the project cooperation agreement.


The Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of the University of Cantabria (IHCantabria) is a joint research institute focused on the integrated management of socio-ecological systems associated with water. Founded in 2007, its mission is to promote scientific excellence and its transfer, to drive innovation that contributes to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the achievement of a just, inclusive, responsible and resilient society.

National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)

NIPA is a South Korean government organization that aims to promote and develop the country’s information technology (IT) industry, collaborates with partners around the world to create business opportunities and conducts research. All of this informs IT policy decisions and focuses on generating a skilled workforce and fostering international exchange for the advancement of South Korean IT companies.