IHCantabria presents the ‘Cantabria Smart Litoral’ project to promote sustainable blue tourism in the region

by | 15 Nov, 2023 | Climate Risks, Adaptation and Resilience, General News, PCM, Recovery, Transformation and Resiliency Plan | 0 comments

Through innovation and digitalization, this project will contribute to the development and transfer of technological solutions that will improve the tourist experience and collaboration between different stakeholders; in addition to promoting environmental, economic and cultural sustainability in Cantabria.



Within the framework of its Marine Science Program and with the aim of promoting innovation in the blue tourism sector in Cantabria, Environmental Hydraulics Institute of the University of Cantabria (IHCantabria) is developing the “Cantabria Smart Litoral” (CSL) project. This project ranges from the development of a digital platform for information management and marketing of tourism resources and products, to the creation of a community or network of sustainable blue tourism agents in Cantabria.

For its implementation, CSL has the collaboration of a network of agents -both from the public and private sectors- related to water sports activities, beaches – coastal tourism, and environmental management, with whom it will develop a pilot project in the Bay of Santander. Through various surveys and discussion sessions with these agents, this project will identify those needs, problems and opportunities that can be solved or exploited by means of physical-environmental data (water temperature, salinity, currents, tides, among others).

A digital platform will be created for the management of this information and the marketing of sustainable blue tourism resources and products, which will allow the creation of technological solutions that respond to the challenges faced by the different stakeholders of the blue tourism sector in Cantabria.

This project began in April of this year and will conclude by in September, 2025. This is coordinated by Francisco Royano, Director of Technology Transfer at IHCantabria.

Contribution to the regional economy and environment

Given that tourism represents 10% of the regional GDP, sustainable coastal management becomes a pressing need in Cantabria. The CSL project will help preserve and promote natural resources, which will translate into increased tourism and, as a result, economic benefits for the region. Therefore, this project will not only boost the regional economy, but it will also play a fundamental role in the protection of the marine and coastal environment of Cantabria.

Expected impacts

From an economic point of view, CSL will promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Cantabria, generating business opportunities and growth in the sustainable blue tourism sector. This project is highly exportable and could serve as a model for other coastal tourist destinations at the national level.

In conclusion, the development of the CSL project is a crucial step towards transforming Cantabria into a benchmark for sustainable blue tourism. It promotes collaboration between the different stakeholders, protects the marine environment and the economic growth of the region; in addition to being a benchmark in the integrated management of information and the marketing of sustainable blue tourism resources and products. It aligns with the vision of transforming Cantabria into a “Smart Tourist Destination”.