IHCantabria invites you to participate in the interactive process of the MARBEFES project, to know your perception on the marine ecosystem

by | 17 Feb, 2023 | Freshwater Ecosystems, General News | 0 comments

IHcantabria participates in the MARBEFES European Project, which investigates the relationship between marine biodiversity and the benefits provided by marine ecosystems, to create political and management tools that support decision-making.

In order to bridge the gap between research, policy and practice, in its initial phases this project develops an interactive process of gathering information from the interested sectors -the users and custodians of the sea- to know their opinion on the functioning of the marine ecosystem, its biodiversity, the goods and services they provide to society.

If you live in the Santander area and you are a user of the sea, we would like to invite you to participate!

If you want to participate in this process and want more information, you can contact us via this email (

The deadline is until February 25th. Sign up!

More information in the attached flyer