IHCantabria offers multidisciplinary and highly specialized training in the fields of aquatic system engineering, biology and management, and in the services and threats associated with them.

This has all been a priority in the training activity provided by IHCantabria.

In addition, the Alumni program creates a community around the experience of being formed with us.

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IHCantabria is a leading international center offering specialized education in the field of environmental hydraulics.

The courses are offered at two levels of education: postgraduate, with two official master’s programs and a doctorate program; and continuing education, through a training program and a specialization Program.


Aimed at recent graduates and professionals in the sector, the programs are structured into learning modules where the most innovative tools and methodologies used and developed by the researchers of IHCantabria are taught, with participation from R&D&i companies and organizations.

The official masters in environmental hydraulics has trained more than 300 students from 19 countries in the last 10 years (25% foreign students).


The master’s theses were developed in collaboration with the research groups of IHCantabria, an aspect that has fostered the effective transfer of highly specialized knowledge, linked to transfer projects carried out around the world in areas such as hydraulic and coastal engineering, ports, water quality, ecosystem conservation, environmental risks and more.

These master’s degrees provide an overlap with two doctoral programs that earned a quality award from the Ministry of Education (2003 and 2005), and that have resulted in 61 doctoral theses defensed in this decade, co-directed by researchers from the Institute, 19 of them presented by students of other nationalities from four continents.

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This MSc. program offers a multidisciplinary approach for the complex environmental management of rivers, estuaries and other aquatic systems, providing the most innovative methodologies in fields like hydraulic modeling, risk evaluation or the water framework directive


This MSc. program provides specialized knowledge to understand complex coastal processes and address the challenges posed by the development of coastal, port and offshore infrastructures…


IHCantabria has extensive experience training researchers. IHCantabria leads and coordinates the IH2O PhD program in coastal engineering, hydrobiology and aquatic systems management, which is offered by the doctorate school of the Universidad de Cantabria (EDUC). This center manages cross-disciplinary training and the interdisciplinarity of more than 600 young researchers.

IHCantabria provides specialized training through by effectively integrating 30-40 PhD students into multidisciplinary teams that conduct R&D projects in more than 50 countries on every continent to create innovative solutions aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

More than 100 100 doctoral degrees in coastal engineering, hydrobiology and aquatic systems management from 12 countries have received their degrees in programs of the Universidad de Cantabria as part of IHCantabria’s current training environment.

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Theses of extinct doctoral programs (2007-2017) HERE


IHCantabria offers a wide range of training activities to refresh the knowledge of professionals, researchers and government specialists who are involved in the search for innovative solutions in the world of hydraulic and coastal engineering, hydrobiology and the sustainable management of aquatic systems.

This program is divided into two areas:

Regular training courses:

  • Onsite and blended-learning continuing education courses(CECs).
  • Online Courses (MOOC).
  • Customized Courses (CC), requested by public and private entities.

Internship offer:

  • Academic courses at the undergraduate and graduate level (curricular and extracurricular).
  • Proffesional courses at industry and research centers.


In any public or private organization, periodically updating the knowledge of its staff is one of the most important assets and a guarantee of efficiency …


IHCantabria has a long history in providing “custom-made” specialized training on different facets of the integrated water cycle. Proof of this is the more than 120 transfer and training courses taught …


The most innovative aspect of the training offered by IHCantabria is reflected by its entry into the world of online teaching through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), and represents a commitment …

Internship offer

The internship programme is temporarily suspended due to the measures taken by the COVID19 outbreak. This programme will be resumed when the situation gets back under control.


IHCantabria offers several blended specialization diplomas based on a combination of continuing education courses, online courses and courses from each specialty, as specified in the relevant teaching plan.

The diplomas have a credit load equivalent to 15 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System  (ECTS) and are intended for professionals, managers and undergraduate and graduate students.

These specialist degrees, which are part of the degrees offered by the Universidad de Cantabria, make it possible to gradually acquire personal skills over a maximum period of four years, while also offering certain flexibility in the course selection and the option to validate courses taken prior to registering in the selected program. The students will have a personal tutor who will oversee the students’ training process.


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