• Octubre  2019
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Upcoming IH-FOAM training course

Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce a new training course for the IH-FOAM model.

IH-FOAM is a newly developed three-dimensional numerical two-phase flow solver specially designed to simulate coastal, offshore and hydraulic engineering processes. Its core is based on OpenFOAM ®, a very advanced multiphysics model, widely used in the industry.

What makes IH-FOAM 1.1 different from the rest of solvers is a wide collection of boundary conditions which handle wave generation and active absorption at the boundaries, without the use of numerical damping areas traditionally used in other software. Currently the model can be applied to solve any impervious structures, both static and dynamic (floating structures). Some examples that have been simulated include: wave interaction with obstacles as vertical breakwaters, ships, offshore foundations, dam and spillway simulations, open channel flow, etc...

The course will be held at the Hotel Tryp Ambassador in Madrid (Spain) between April 17th and 19th, 2013. You can find the complete model capabilities, along with the course details and the registration form on the following web site: http://ihcantabria.com/IHFOAM/

Please be aware that the places are limited and the deadline for registration is 15th April 2013.

Participants are requested to bring their own laptops and ensure that they are able to boot using a Live USB.

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid!

Descripción del evento

Fecha de inicio: Miércoles, 17 Abril-2013 - 00:00
Fin evento: Viernes, 19 Abril-2013 - 00:00
Capacidad: 15
Plazas disponibles: 15
Último día para registrarse: Lunes, 15 Abril-2013
Precio Individual €3,000.00
Lugar Hotel Trip Ambassador Madrid
No es necesario registrarse para este evento.
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