Marine Energies and Offshore Engineering

Marine energies and offshore engineering are a major field of activity of IHCantabria. The participation in more than 70 technology transfer and R+D+i projects in the last 10 years has led to consolidation as a benchmark in this field at a national and international level.

At IHCantabria we contribute to the development of marine renewable energies is based on an approach where the physical modeling of the processes is combined, thanks to our experimental facilities unique in the sector, with a portfolio of numerical models ranging from more simplified models up to advanced coupled models. The combination of our own numerical models with other models widely accepted by the industry, gives us a great solvency when facing the most ambitious engineering challenges.

At IHCantabria, we play a very active role in the development, adaptation and optimization of technological solutions for marine energy and offshore engineering. Our participation in the most ambitious marine energy projects at national and international level, together with the utilities and benchmark developers, both in offshore wind and wave energy, support the orientation of their R+D+i market and real solutions.


The greatest challenge in current offshore wind power is to find technological solutions that allow for its competitive development


The use of wave power is an engineering challenge that drives the activity of our researchers


The activity of IHCantabria in this field is based on an in-depth knowledge of the study of Offshore Structures


The main goal of studying and optimizing marine operations is to help improve the safety of Marine Operations

During the last years, we have participated in 7 field campaigns, in addition to actively collaborating with BiMEP, the testing park for the start-up and promotion of renewable energies of marine origin, such as wave energies, currents or the wind in the open sea, through the consortium TRL+. This has led us to acquire knowledge and experience in the field of marine operations, establishing ourself as a reference partner for the success of the most ambitious offshore projects and developments.

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