Published the “Risk Profile for the Bahamas” report, in which IHCantabria collaborates, on the Inter-American Development Bank’s website

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The report “Risk profile for the Bahamas”, in which the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of the Universidad de Cantabria (IHCantabria) collaborates, has been published, in its final version, in the website of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

On behalf of the Institute, Raúl Medina has participated as team leader and project coordinator, Íñigo Losada as leader of work package 2, Mauricio González as leader of work package 3, Ignacio Aguirre Ayerbe as expert in vulnerability and risk assessment and Pedro Díaz Simal as expert in socio-economic matters.

The Disaster Risk Profile of The Bahamas presents the “Historical Assessment of Disaster Losses and Probabilistic Risk Assessment”, the “Exposure and Vulnerability Assessment” and the “Country Disaster Risk Profile”.

The risks analysed have been tropical cyclones, coastal flooding and coastal erosion and their impact on various areas of study, the conditions have been analysed at both the human and economic levels.

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You can download the complete report HERE