Íñigo Losada, professor at the University of Cantabria, appointed member of the Technical Scientific Committee of the State Research Agency

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The Governing Council of the State Research Agency(AEI) has appointed Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Cantabria (UC) and Research Director of the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (IHCantabria) as a member of its Technical Scientific Committee (CST), Íñigo Losada. His appointment was proposed by the President of the AEI Governing Council, the Secretary General for Research, Raquel Yotti Álvarez.

The AEI’s vision is to help people and institutions dedicated to research in Spain to reach their potential and to make research a key driver of society’s development. The purpose of this agency is to finance, evaluate, manage and monitor the scientific and technical research activity aimed at the generation, exchange and exploitation of knowledge promoted by the General State Administration.

The CST is the AEI’s permanent collegiate advisory and consultative body. One of its functions is to advise the AEI on the annual plan of activities and on the principles, methodologies and practices of scientific and technical evaluation that govern decision-making in this agency; to this end, it incorporates international standards.

The AEI’s Technical Scientific Committee also advises the agency on the monitoring, results and impact of its actions, as well as defining the criteria for selecting its collaborators and experts. This Committee is made up of twelve experts of recognized international prestige, whose selection has taken into account the balanced distribution of all the major areas of knowledge. His term of office is 6 years.

Íñigo Losada holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Cantabria and the University of Delaware (USA). He promoted the creation of IHCantabria, of which he is the Research Director, and which has become an international reference in hydraulics research. He is also the Scientific Director of the Great Tank of Maritime Engineering of Cantabria, a unique scientific-technical facility housed at IHCantabria.

State Investigation Agency (AEI)

The mission of the AEI is to promote scientific and technical research in all areas of knowledge, through the efficient allocation of public resources, the promotion of excellence, the encouragement of collaboration between the agents of the system and support for the generation of knowledge of high scientific and technical, economic and social impact. This agency offers the necessary advice to improve the design and planning of the actions or initiatives through which the R&D policies of the General State Administration are implemented.