On-Line Courses (MOOC)

The most innovative character of IHCantabria’s training offer is reflected in its incorporation into the world of online teaching, through Masive Open Online Courses (MOOC), and represents a commitment to the universality of knowledge and free and open access to specialized training, one of the challenges associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The courses, with equivalent lengths between 1 and 3 ECTS (25-75 teaching hours), are given through Miriada X, a platform managed by Telefónica Digital Education (TED) that includes more than 100 universities and higher education centers. This type of non-attendance course offers a learning mode that is compatible with other academic and professional activities, providing a viable alternative to the great diversity of learning conditions and situations of students.

The courses are part of the Universidad de Cantabria’s own degree offering, while they are integrated as basic or optional subjects included in the Universidad de Cantabria’s Specialization Degrees curriculum, as well as those taught at IHCantabria.


  • ROM 5.1. Port´s Water Quality
  • Remote Sensing Techniques Applied to Conservation
  • Effects of climate change on coastal communities

2019 – 2020 COURSE LIST

  • ROM 5.1. Port´s Water Quality