Tamara Rodríguez



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Tamara Rodríguez Castillo holds a PhD in Sciences and Technologies for the Environmental Management of Water Systems from the University of Cantabria (Universidad de Cantabria). She joined IHCantabria in 2010, thanks to a predoctoral grant from the University of Cantabria. The central theme of his thesis was the analysis and modeling at different spatio-temporal scales of the structural and functional components of freshwater aquatic ecosystems, with the ultimate goal of having a better understanding of ecosystem metabolism and carbon balances. In 2012 he did a research stay at The University of Waikato (New Zealand) with Professor David Hamilton. Nowadays, she collaborates as a postdoctoral researcher at the IHCantabria Foundation both in internal research lines and in the realization of different competitive R+D+i projects and contracts with the administration and companies.In this context, he has carried out several tasks of great scientific interest: field campaigns, laboratory sample analysis, statistical modeling, hydraulic numerical modeling (e.g., HEC-RAS, DELFT3D) and water quality modeling (e.g., WASP, DELFT3D), and management of various computer tools for data processing and analysis of results (e.g., R, Matlab, ArcGis). As a result of his research activity, he has published 6 articles in Science Citation Index journals, a book chapter and has participated in 3 international conferences. He is a member of the Iberian Association of Limnology, developing together with other young researchers of the association different collaborative science projects.



Determination of factors controlling fluvial metabolism.
Effects of anthropogenic activities on fluvial, lacustrine and estuarine ecosystems.
Spatio-temporal modeling of ecosystem functioning.
Numerical hydraulic, hydrodynamic and water quality modeling in freshwater and transitional water ecosystems.


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