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PhD Hydraulic Engineering (Environmental Hydraulics Program), MsC on Physics and MsC on Database and Internet. He works as a technologist at the IHCantabria. The fields of research in which he specializes are the jet and plumes mechanics, computational fluid mechanics (CFD), hydrodynamics (oceanographic) and transport and mixing models, water quality modelling, submarine outfall design, morphodynamics and dredging, sanitation systems design and the mathematical modelling of water resources management.

As part of the technological transfer of his research activity, he has more than 30 works published in prestigious scientific journals and national and international congresses. As a researcher, he has worked on more than 10 competitive R & D + I programs (for Governmental Institutions) and more than 100 R & D projects as specialized consultant on hydraulic and coastal engineering and water quality. He has advised 5 Master’s theses and has acted as reviewer of SCI publications.

Moreover, he collaborates as a lecturer in the Master Programme Integrated Management in Water Systems and in the Master Programme Coastal and Port Engineering of the Universidad de Cantabria.


Machine learning applied to water quality, environmental flows and morphodynamics
Jets and plumes mechanic
Computational fluid mechanics
Design and execution of physical laboratory test
Design and execution of hydrodynamic and water quality field campaigns

Wave-current-sediment interaction
Transport and mixing
Water quality modelling (water column and sea bottom)
Submarine outfall design
Design of desalination plants discharge systems
Morphodynamics and dredging processes
Scouring processes analysis
Effects on morphodynamics and environmental quality due to the maritime traffic


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