JARA MARTínez sánchez



+34 942 20 16 16 Ext. 56301


PhD in Science and Technologies for Coastal Management and she holds a Master's Degree in Coastal and Harbor Engineering (Universidad de Cantabria). During her bachelor studies on Civil Engineering she was awarded  the "Javier Mart√≠nez Maurica" mathematical contest award in several editions and the Science and Water and Environmental Techniques Department Prize (CYTAMA).

After a few years developing her career in the private consultancy sphere, mainly as project manager at ‚ÄúKV consultores‚ÄĚ, she joined the Coastal Engineering and Management Research Group of IHCantabria in 2008. Since then, she has been involved in both consultancy projects and scientifc research, she regularly contributes to the development of numerical tools and methodologies regarding coastal hydro-morphodynamics and coastal zone management and she often participates in science popularization activities

Her engineering works, scientific papers in international journals and conferences cover topics such as climate change impacts on coastal areas, ocean and littoral hydro-morphodynamics, assessment and management of coastal risks, feasibility of port operations and stability of coastal structures.


Coastal Processes and Coastal Engineering
Coastal Risk Assessment and Management
Integrated Coastal Zone Management