Custom Courses (CC)

IHCantabria has a long history in providing “custom-made” specialized training on different facets of the integrated water cycle.

Proof of this is the more than 120 transfer and training courses taught in collaboration with international agencies (AECID, ECLAC, World Bank, UNDP, US Navy), government agencies (Ministry of Environment, State Ports, Governments of Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Colombia , El Salvador, etc) and companies (EDP, Iberdrola, Aqualogy, etc).

These courses involved face-to-face training activities in more than 15 countries, given by more than 50 IHCantabria professors and researchers and attended by more than 2000 students.

Total “Flexibility and Adaptation” to the content, duration and organization requirements of the applicant entity represent the two main characteristics of this type of course, designed to cover the demand of the public and private sectors.