Rafael Mayor

Support and Network Manager

IT Service


+34 942 20 16 16 Ext. 56416


  • Superior Technician in Computer Applications Development.
  • Senior Technician in Network Computer Systems Administration.

His professional activity began in 2002 within the Department of Water and Environmental Sciences and Techniques (University of Cantabria), as a technician of application development, maintenance and computer support for the research groups GESHA and GIOC.

Since 2008 he is responsible for the Computer Service of IHCantabria, focusing his main functions on:

  • Hardware and software maintenance.
  • System and network administration.
  • Administration and Management of computer resources.
  • ICT Support.

Technology Stack

  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • VMWare and VirtualBox virtualization
  • Centralized storage on-premise and in the cloud