Melisa Menéndez

Head of Marine Climate and Climate Change

Main Researcher

+34 942 20 16 16 Ext. 56204



Dr. Melisa Menéndez is researcher of the Environmental Hydraulic Institute (IHCantabria).

She belongs to the “Climate team” of the Institute.  The research on influence of climate change in sea level and wave climate and the development of mathematical-statistical techniques to analyze climate variability are her main research framework. Some of her research interests are: development of algorithms for optimization of non-linear functions, time-dependent extreme value models of extreme events; long-term wave climate characterization, wave height persistence statistics and sea state wave height distributions; statistical analysis of time series and applications in wave climate description; climate variability analysis of oceanographic and meteorological variables; wave propagation modelling; wave climate hindcast and projections; spatial-temporal calibration of hindcast data basis; and the assessment of flooding risk in coastal areas.

She has published on these topics, especially with the extreme values analysis and climate variability. Recent work includes projects on coastal climate change impact, marine renewable resources evaluation and the improvement and help on design and management of maritime works.