Manuel del Jesús Peñil

Head of Hydroclimatology Group

Main Researcher

+34 942 20 16 16 Ext. 56202



Associate Professor at the university of Cantabria, develops his research activity under the Marine Climate and Climate Change group of IHCantabria.

Manuel obtained his Civil Engineering degree at Universidad de Cantabria (2001-2006). During the course 2004-2005 he followed an exchange program where the prestigious “École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées” in Paris (France), where he obtained the “best foreign student prize”. Manuel obtained his PhD at Universidad de Cantabria in 2011.

In his doctoral work he developed a numerical model to study the interaction of surface water waves with porous coastal structures. Manuel worked two years as post-doctoral researcher at Princeton University, working with Professor Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe, winner of the Stockholm Water Prize (2002). During his post-doctoral appointment Manuel adapted his activity to the field of hydrology, more specifically, to the field of ecohydrology and hydrometeorology. His publications in high impact scientific journals prove Manuel’s adaptation to his new field.

In December 2023, Manuel del Jesus Peñil, together with researchers from the Hydroclimatology Group of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of the University of Cantabria, Manuel del Jesus Peñil, receives the “M.R. Llamas” Young Talent Award from the Botín Foundation’s Water Observatory, as part of the IX Awards for Sustainable Water Management.