Predoctoral Researcher


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Héctor Lobeto is currently a PhD student in Coastal Engineering, Hydrobiology and Aquatic Systems Management.

Héctor is Civil Engineer from the Universidad de Cantabria (2010-2014); Master in Civil Engineering from the Universdad de Cantabria (2014-2016) and Master in Coastal and Port Engineering from the Universidad de Cantabria (2016-2017). He received the Extraordinary End of Career Award for the Master's Degree in Road, Canal and Port Engineering and for the Master's Degree in Coastal and Port Engineering.

Since September 2018, he enjoys an FPU grant from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. His training and professional work focuses on the study of marine surface dynamics (waves and sea level) and the development of new methodologies to improve their characterization and understanding, with the ultimate goal of generating a series of climate services applicable to coastal engineering in coastal protection.

Likewise, his research work within the Marine Climate and Climate Change group has led him to participate in research projects in tasks related to numerical wave modeling for past (hindcast) and future (projections) scenarios.


Development of a methodology for the study of extreme sea level values in the coast from satellite altimetry information.

Numerical wave simulation using third-generation models

Study of the spectral information of the wave output of numerical models