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Gabriel Diaz-Hernandez (Mexico City). Civil Engineering (UNAM-1999), Master’s Degree in Hydraulic Engineering (UNAM-2001), Master’s Degree in Integrated Management of Coasts and Ports at the University (Universidad de Cantabria-2002), and PhD in Coastal and Port Engineering (Universidad de Cantabria-2006). He is currently both, Professor in the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Universidad de Cantabria and Senior Researcher of the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of Cantabria (IHCantabria). He performs teaching/research tasks covering topics such as: technical computer languages, numerical modeling, coastal and harbor structures design, meteo-oceanographic management, agitation in harbors, advanced numerical modeling using Boussinesq equations, functional and structural diagnosis of harbour structures; design of forecast systems for harbor construction aid, wake waves, and harbor resonance in port infrastructures. His scientific/academic products are (since 2002): 41 graduate and post-graduate projects, and 2 PhD theses, 11 (indexed) research papers, 55 congress publications, and the development of 124 national/international projects, 36 as principal investigator. In 2012 he was awarded first prize of the “Modesto Vigueras Award”.


Ocean waves advances numerical modelling
Ocean wave propagation
Boussinesq models
Forecast system for harbor construction aid
Design and diagnosis of harbor/coastal structures
Infragravity wave assessment
Shio/wake wave generation