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Erica Pellón de Pablo has a degree on Civil Engineering since 2011, by the Universidad de Cantabria. In 2006 she was awarded with the Gold Medal in the IX Olympics of Technical Drawing of the Universidad de Cantabria. In 2012 she obtained the Prize of the Water and Environmental Sciences and Techniques Department (CYTAMA).
On the 2010 summer she began her relationship with IHCantabria, working in the Pipelines and Environmental Hydraulics area. In this period she participated on water quality and pipelines design projects.
During 2010-11 she obtained a collaboration grant with IHCantabria. Under this grant she started her work on beach morphodynamics and the data analysis of video imagery systems.
In 2011-13 she combined her work as a predoctoral researcher with her studies in the Master of Harbours and Coastal Zones Engineering, developing her research on the “Analysis of the finger bars on the intertidal zone of ‘El Puntal’ beach”.
Since then, she continues working on consultancy projects related with coastal morphodynamics around the world. She is expert on coastal processes, sediment transport, coastal erosion and the design of beach stabilizations. Additionally, she has participated on the development of numerical models such as SMC and CHRONOS, which are tools for the simulation of coastal processes and shoreline evolution.
Nowadays she is also developing her Ph.D. in Coastal Engineering, Hydrobiology and Water Systems Management, where she researches about cross-shore sediment transport processes and tools for the enhancement of natural beach recovery.


Coastal processes
Sediment transport and coastal erosion
Beach stabilizations design