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Cristina Galv√°n holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Oviedo and completed the Master’s degree in Environmental Management of Water Systems and the Doctorate at the University of Cantabria. She currently works at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute Foundation of the University of Cantabria. Her research areas focus on the ecology of estuarine systems, from physical aspects to species biology, and on environmental management and restoration of aquatic systems within a framework of global change.

She works with numerical modeling, spectroradiometry and remote sensing, advanced statistics, and biological experimentation. She participates in various types of projects, from environmental restoration monitoring and the application of European Directives to projects assessing the effects of climate change on the coast.


Estuarine ecology.

Physical and biological modeling of estuaries.

Remote sensing and spectroradiometry.

Climate change in coastal areas.

Environmental management.

Servicios ecosistémicos.


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