beatriz rodríguez


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Beatriz Rodríguez is a technologist in the Ports and Coastal Infrastructures Group at IHCantabria. She holds a degree in Civil Engineer from the Universidad de Cantabria (2009) and a Master in Integrated Coastal Zone Management from the same university (2014).

Since 2009, Beatriz has oriented her professional career towards the field of maritime and port engineering, undertaking numerous projects both at the national and international levels. Her expertise covers several areas, including the characterization of port maritime climate, the design of maritime structures and coastal infrastructures, as well as the comprehensive design of commercial ports and marinas. She is particularly recognized for her involvement in the development of operational systems for wave dynamics, short and long-wave agitation, and moored ship dynamics, aimed to support port operations. All this through the application of the most advanced techniques of numerical modeling, statistical analysis and Geographic Information Systems.

Beatriz has also played a key role as a leader in the design and execution of several physical model tests. These tests have delved into the study of stability and functionality of coastal and port infrastructures, as well as seabed scour investigations.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Beatriz stands out for her profound technical knowledge and her ability to apply cutting-edge techniques to address challenges in the maritime and port domain.


Wave climate characterization of port infrastructures
Maritime works design
Marina design
Wave operational systems to support port operations
Ship mooring