beatriz echavarri erasun


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Beatriz Echavarri-Erasun has a PhD in Marine Science and Technology from the Cantabria University. Her thesis titled “Effects of coastal sanitation system discharges on Cantabria marine ecosystems (Bay of Biscay)” was awarded a prize by the Government of Cantabria in 2007.
Beatriz has done part of her postdoctoral research on marine ecology and aquatic system management at the Centre for Research on Ecological Impacts of Coastal Cities (EICC) at the University of Sydney (Australia).

This researcher works actively in national and international research projects on effects of urban and industrial discharges on water quality and marine ecosystems and in management projects for the local and national international administrations. She also has experience in international projects aimed to restore estuarine saltmarshes. This diver (open water) is in charge, together with other IH members, of the ROV (Remotely operated Vehicle), the water quality sensors (CTD) and the Cantabria water bodies quality control network database.