B√°rbara ondiviela



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PhD in Marine Sciences from the Universidad de Cantabria.

B√°rbara is researcher at the Littoral Ecosystem Group. She obtained her doctoral degree with a methodological standard to manage the quality of coastal waters in port areas. This standard, included in the Spanish Standardization of Maritime Works (as ROM 5.1) and considered in the Spanish regulations for the planning process of the WFD, has been implemented in 15 Spanish Commercial Ports.

Her research is focused on the ecology of coastal ecosystems, the environmental management and planning of coastal systems and the evaluation of the effects of human activities and climate change on coastal ecosystems. This activity has given rise to basic knowledge about biophysical interrelations in coastal systems and the development of methodologies and tools for the management and conservation of marine ecosystems and their resources. 

Barbara has conducted her research in Iceland (Sandgerdi Marine Center) and the United States (Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole / Mass) and has received training grants from European (TMR Program/Large-scale facilities; European Commission) and national organizations (José Castillejo Program; Ministry of Education and Science) and from the Universidad de Cantabria (Postdoctoral Program).


Effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems
Intertidal and subtidal coastal ecosystems
Environmental monitoring
Quality indicators and indexes
Aquatic Systems Environmental Management
Impacts of anthropogenic activities on coastal ecosystems
Marine Spatial Planning