These projects have been financed within the framework of the innova calls by:



The objective of EYEPORT is to reduce the impact of the activities carried out in marinas, through the development of interactive and flexible TIC tools, with a friendly interface, to support the troubleshooting in the environmental management of marinas, in such a way to improve decision making, and to offer adjusted services to the users of marinas.


The aim of the Project is the design and development of the River Flood Alert System (SALIF), being implemented in Cantabria as a pilot case and future showcase for national and international commercialization.

The System will be able to alert, in an automated way, of possible events of fluvial flood.


The CULTIVO project aims to develop management tools that will make possible the recognition of unexplored and unexploited opportunities offered by maritime space and provide productive sectors with detailed information on which species can be cultivated, where they can be cultivated, how they can be cultivated and what are the risks of their cultivation.


Development of technical and economic critical studies analyzing the viability of a new off-shore wind energy generation system by means of a sailing vessel equipped with energy production systems.


Design and Experimental Validation of a scale prototype of a competitive floating platform for offshore wind.


AMBEMAR-DSS tries to establish a basis for understanding and agreement between the different stakeholders (researchers, industry developers, public administrations, environmental organizations and the public in general), in order to find solutions that allow the development of marine renewable energies, minimizing their environmental cost.