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IHFOAM is a newly developed three-dimensional numerical two-phase flow solver specially designed to simulate coastal, offshore and hydraulic engineering processes. Its core is based on OpenFOAM®, a very advanced multiphysics model, widely used in the industry. More Information on training courses What makes IHFOAM 1.1 different from the rest of…
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 10:57


IH-3VOF is a code developed by IH Cantabria to resolve the three-dimensional flows in Coastal Engineering, specifically regarding wave-structure interactions.  IH-3VOF is a model which is able to study, with a purely tridimentional focus, problems regarding porous media such as jetties.  The model can be applied directly to conventional coastal…
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    IH2VOF solves the two-dimensional wave flow for hybrid domains in a coupled NS-type equation system, at the clear-fluid region (outside the porous media) and inside the porous media by the resolution of the Volume-Averaged Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (VARANS) equations. Turbulence is modelled using a k-ε model for both…
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C3Sim is a simple application to assess the impacts due to changes in the Sea Level Rise (SLR) and incident waves on the different elements of the coast (coastal protection elements, coastlines, beaches, estuaries). To assess these impacts, the application uses semi-empirical formulations determining the future distribution point estimates of…
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C3E Viewer

C3010 interface Viewer Climate Change on the Spanish Coast (C3E) Dates: 2009-2012. Client: Spanish Climate Change Office (MAGRAMA) Tasks: Analysis of variability and Climate Change in the present and future dynamics governing the coastal area in Spain and the related impacts, exposure and vulnerability. The results of this project are…
El modelo numérico MANOLO, acrónimo de Modelo Avanzado NO Lineal de Ondas que se ha desarrollado en el marco del convenio "Desarrollo de un modelo de propagación de oleaje y agitación portuaria de última generación cuyos derechos de explotación estén bajo control español". Este desarrollo se puso en marcha en…
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IH Cantabria has an underwater remotely operated vehicle  (ROV) model "Triggerfish" house "Deep Ocean Engineering". It is a powerful, compact model, with capacity for underwater exploration upto 300 meters in depth, but also very versatile, as it can be handled by two operators from a small boat. The ROV moves…
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HORUS is a video-monitoring system created to contribute to the research and management of the environment. It is able to continuously measure changes in various natural areas, and offers large spatio-temporal resolution. IH Cantabria has installed the system in different parts of rivers, estuaries and coasts to study their evolution.…
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