Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering

The experience of IHCantabria covers all aspects related to the design and execution of water-related projects. IHCantabria’s integrated knowledge of water resources and hydraulic engineering is supported by the availability of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in fields such as hydrology, geomorphology, hydraulic engineering and ecology.

On top of this is the capacity of IHCantabria to have qualified personnel monitor and model the physical and biological environment using specialized instruments and laboratories to measure hydraulic, physical-chemical and environmental variables.

In keeping with the above, the projects carried out by IHCantabria include, individually or in combination, aspects that range from monitoring the different elements involved in the system, as a starting point, to the environmental design of fluvial actions, including the evaluation and management of resources, the evaluation of ecological flows and the analysis of risks, among which we can include those related to the scarcity of water resources, the contamination of water bodies, and floods associated with water flows


The experience of IHCantabria in analyzing and designing supply and sanitation systems stems from work carried out since the 1990s.


IHCantabria has considerable experience applying methods for monitoring flows, sediment dynamics and various water quality variables.


The design of this type of discharge system requires an in-depth knowledge of its operation, structure and environment, as well as of its possible impact on environmental conditions and ecosystems.

Water Resources and Droughts Management

An exhaustive knowledge of water resources, including their spatio-temporal variation, is the starting point for any management and planning study…

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