Climate Change and Climate Services

Climate change is now a reality. The global variation in the Earth’s climate affects us all with an impact greater than we can expect: changes in water availability, changes in conditions for food production, increases in the frequency and intensity of storms, droughts and heat waves. A study of all these conditions is essential to developing adaptation measures that will allow us to successfully overcome this great challenge we are facing.

The development of climate services, meaning “the transformation of climate-related data, together with other relevant information, into adapted products such as projections, predictions, information, trends, economic analysis, evaluations (including technological evaluations), best practices, the development and evaluation of solutions and any other service related to the climate that may be useful to society in general”, is one of the spearheads of IHCantabria.

IHCantabria´s capabilities allow us to provide climate services at different levels and scales throughout the life cycle of a project. This complete product, very difficult to find in a single supplier, is what is called seamless climate services.


Data on meteoceanographic variables are necessary for a multitude of applications (engineering work, territorial management, risk assessment, etc.). The data can come from measured observations or be generated through the use of numerical models.


The climate is one of the main factors that condition society’s way of life. The climate, however, requires a broader and more complex study than a simple description of the meteorological-oceanographic conditions at a given time, or their short-term forecast.


Hydroclimatology is tasked with characterizing the average and extreme regimes of climatic variables linked to the water cycle, from the smallest to the largest scale


What will the wave height and sea level be tomorrow on the coast? What areas will be suitable for bathing and which will not? Will the oil spill reach my coast? Will the tsunami that was triggered two hours ago in Alaska have consequences for my city?

Climate Change Risks and Adaptation

Climate change is a reality and a threat to many areas around the planet. Changes in weather patterns and rising sea levels pose a major risk, especially in coastal areas…


From among the available data, we select those that provide truly relevant information and that enhance a project’s profitability and probability of success.


We use sophisticated adjustment techniques and resort to sophisticated adjustment techniques to build data series that are adapted to the needs of the client.


We transform these data into usable information through de-escalation processes that provide the user with information for a spatio-temporal window that does not match that available in the data.


We process the data and convert them into relevant information that provides an added value.

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