IHCantabria Researcher Leads Special Issue on Numerical Spill Modeling in Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

by | 28 Feb, 2020 | General News, Oceanography, Estuaries and Water Quality | 0 comments

IHCantabria researcher Ana Julia Abascal of the oceanography, estuaries and water quality group leads the special issue dedicated to numerical modeling of discharges in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.

About this special issue

Marine pollution caused by accidental spills remain a significant threat for the coastal environment. The growth of maritime traffic and the variety of possible pollutants transported has led to a growing concern regarding accidental spills, especially Oil and Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) spills.

Over many years, operational and planning tools based on numerical models to simulate the transport and fate or marine pollutants have been developed and successfully applied to prepare for and respond to accidental spills. Noticeable advances have been done especially for modelling oil spills at regional scale. However, more research is needed to improve and develop new models, methodologies and tools for oil and HNS spills at sea and at local environments (e.g., estuaries, bays and ports).

To further advance in this topic, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering will publish this year a Special Issue in “Numerical Modelling of Oil and Chemical (HNS) Spills in the Marine Environment”.

The deadline for manuscript submissions is 16 August 2020 and the submission guidelines are at:

This Special Issue represents an opportunity to share with the scientific community and society the most recent research with respect to the numerical modelling of oil and chemical spills and the development of methodologies and tools to improve the prevention and response to accidental marine pollution.