IHCantabria participates in the Erasmus+ BEACON project for adaptation to climate change in coastal urban environments.

by | 11 Jan, 2023 | Coastal Management and Engineering, General News | 0 comments

The Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of the Universidad de Cantabria (IHCantabria) participates in the BEACON project (Built Environment leArning for Climate adaptatiON) or “Learning to adapt to climate change in the built environment” in Spanish, which aims to contribute to responding to the need to develop and implement specific and tangible adaptation measures, ensuring their effectiveness and response in the most vulnerable built areas and the industrial and real estate sectors.

It is a three-year project co-financed by the European Erasmus+ program of the European Commission that develops knowledge on adaptation to climate change in urbanised coastal areas based on multidisciplinary and innovative research. As IHCantabria researcher Ignacio Aguirre explains, “the objective is to promote research and knowledge to deal with climate change in urban environments in coastal regions.”

Its main contribution to society consists in developing a learning platform on adaptation to climate change from the perspective of disaster risk management that addresses aspects such as the identification of the different types of impacts derived from climate change on the built coastal environment, the role of the actors involved in the development of adaptation measures, or the development of open courses to address training needs.

“A guide to case studies and good practices for local managers is also being prepared, analysing the professional skills necessary to develop this measure in coastal areas and generating online courses focused on these needs,” says María Merino, an IHCantabria technologist involved in this project.

BEACON’s primary objectives include the development of a coherent framework to integrate the requirements of the Paris Agreement with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, recognising climate adaptation opportunities in the coastal environment, and understanding skills gaps in climate adaptation.

These activities imply interdisciplinary research and the participation of different actors, such as institutions, associations or entities from the private sector.

To achieve this participation, among other activities, IHCantabria will host a research symposium on adaptation to climate change in coastal regions in June of this year 2023 as part of the project.