MsC´Degree in Coasts and Ports

The C&P master’s degree provides specialist knowledge to understand the complex coastal processes and address the challenges posed in the development of coastal, port and offshore infrastructures, through practical training in the use of the most advanced methodologies and tools. The development of marine renewable energies, climate change, or marine and coastal hazards are some of the areas of work in which students will be able to develop their future as researchers or professionals.

The Official MSc Degree in Coasts and Ports (C&P) focuses primarily on graduates in the field of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineers, Graduates in Marine Sciences, as well as other equivalent degrees.

The general objective of the MSc Degree in Coasts and Ports (C&P) is to train future professionals and researchers to take actions and provide solutions in the area of coasts and ports, from a multidisciplinary perspective and based on an in-depth knowledge of the coast and its environmental characteristics.

At the end of the C&P master’s degree, the student will have:

  • A thorough knowledge of the dynamics of coastal areas.
  • Knowledge of the methodologies, techniques and tools needed to address professional problems in the field of coasts and ports, and in risk management.
  • Training necessary to promote entrepreneurship and integrate multidisciplinary teams.
  • Acquaintance with the most recent scientific and technological advances.
  • The Master’s degree gives access to the Doctorate program in Coastal Engineering, Hydrobiology and Management of Aquatic Systems (IH2O program).

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