Predoctoral Researcher

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Mariana Roldán Upegui is a predoctoral researcher at IHCantabria. Mariana holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Medellín, Colombia (2018). After two years working for the University of Medellin and the National University of Colombia in the framework of a programme for young researchers promoted by the Ministry of Science of this country, she completed the Master’s Degree in Coasts and Ports at the Universidad de Cantabria (2021).

At the beginning of 2022 he joined the Hydrodynamics and Coastal Infrastructures group at IHCantabria, where he is currently working on his PhD. His research focuses on the study of hybrid solutions for coastal protection, which seek to make strategic use and combined design of the rigid engineering structures that are traditionally used on the coast, with Nature Based Solutions (NBS) involving vegetated ecosystems.