Head of Coastal Hydrodinamic and Infrastructures Group


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Javier López Lara is Associate Professor at the Universidad de Cantabria, in the area of knowledge of Hydraulic Engineering, and is responsible for the Group of Coastal Infrastructures and Hydrodynamics of IHCantabria. A Civil Engineer from the Universidad de Cantabria since 1998, he obtained his PhD from the same university in 2002.

He has developed his research activity at Cornell University (USA) and at the University of Cantabria, where he obtained a position as Ramón y Cajal researcher in the period 2008-2012. She has worked mainly in the analysis of the hydrodynamic processes of the interaction of the waves with structures for the defence of the coast, both by numerical and experimental modeling. He is a specialist in the development of codes based on computational fluid mechanics for the analysis of the functionality and stability of structures.


Numerical modeling of the interaction of waves with coastal and offshore structures.
Hydrodynamic modeling of wave interaction with vegetation.
Probabilistic design of infrastructures
Surf zone Hydrodynamics
Infragravity wave transformation in the surf zone and wave run-up in coastal areas


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