Thi Binh Minh Hoang


+34 942 20 16 16 Ext.1131



Minh Hoang holds a bachelor degree in Hydrology and Water Resources from the Thuy Loi University (Vietnam), and a Master degree in Water Science and Engineering specialized in Flood Risk Management from the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme Flood Risk Management ( Her background and expertise are relevant to water-related challenges such as water planning and flood risk mitigation.

Currently, she is an early stage researcher in the Continental Ecosystems group, IH Cantabria. Her research work is a part of the European training and research network for environmental flow management in river basins, EUROFLOW project. In which, she is actively participating in field-survey and laboratory experiments for studying river ecosystem multi-functioning to support environmental flows research in a local scale.

Her recent research interest are environmental flows and the responses of river ecosystem functioning under the effect of dam regulation.

Research lines

Environmental flows
River ecosystem functions


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