Predoctoral researcher


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Helios Chiri has been a predoctoral researcher since the end of 2015 in the programme of Coastal Engineering, Hydrobiology and Aquatic Systems Management at the University of Cantabria. His most recent academic achievements include a Master in Coastal and Port Engineering ( Universidad de Cantabria) and a Master in Coastal Management ( Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

He has worked as a technologist at IHCantabria, since 2014, in several research and development projects, mainly in the field of marine pollution control and specifically in the numerical modelling of trajectory and degradation of hydrocarbons in the sea. Helios is currently focusing its research on the application of statistical techniques for the medium-long term prediction of atmospheric and oceanographic variables and on the numerical modelling of the evolution of hydrocarbon spills in the water column.



Statistical modeling for medium- to long-term prediction of ocean-meteorological variables
Numerical modeling of hydrocarbon spills in the water column, including blowouts
Medium-long term 3D numerical simulation of oil spills at sea


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