Beatriz Pérez-Díaz


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Beatriz Pérez Díaz is a M.Sc. Civil Engineer (2004-2009) from Universidad de Cantabria (Spain). She has a M.Sc. in Coast and Port engineering (2010-2012) from Water and Environmental Sciences and Techniques Department of Cantabria University (Master’s Thesis title: Offshore wind farm layout optimization using mathematical programming techniques”). Subsequently, by means of a grant of the Ministry of Spain, she completed her PhD at the same University (2017).

Since 2012, she has performed her work experience as a researcher in the field of fluid mechanics, technical hydraulics, physical oceanography, water quality and renewable energy in the Environmental Hydraulics Institute “IHCantabria”. She has been involved in several studies, covering various topic such as 3D hydrodynamic modeling, hydrodynamic wetting and drying modeling, numerical modelling of transport and fate of oil spills in marine water, operational oceanography, sediment transport, salt wedge dynamics, water quality modeling in rivers, estuaries and coastal areas and the brine outfall modeling and design. In addition, she has experience in combining computational models with physical experimentation (laboratory experiments and field campaigns).


Numerical modelling: hidrodynamic, transport and mixing; water quality (urban, brine discharges and oil spills); estuarine morphodynamics
Operational oceanography
Metocean database management
Laboratory experiments and field works