Viernes, 19 Mayo 2017 09:50

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IHCantabria has hosted 3rd HYDRALAB+ Workshop Event in Santander on 15-19 May on ‘Industry and Innovation.' During the event, 76 participants have participated in 4 days of technical sessions where the progress of the project has been presented.

This event has been focused on exchanging the latest advances made in instrumentation in HYDRALAB+ and the state-of-the-art by manufacturers. As part of the discussion, trends in the development of instrumentation have been identified. Professionals and practicians from industry were invited to participate in the meeting to exchange experience with HYDRALAB+ community.

HYDRALAB+ is a consortium of 24 partners and 9 associated partners from across Europe, financially supported by the Horizon2020 program of the EC.  The co-ordinated and integrated approach of HYDRALAB+ aims at structuring the access to unique and costly hydraulic and ice engineering research infrastructures in the European Research Area.

HYDRALAB+ is an advanced network of environmental hydraulic institutes in Europe, which has been effective in providing access to a suite of major and unique environmental hydraulic facilities from across the whole European scientific community.


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Comienza la implantación del sistema SAMOA desarrollado por IHCantabria, en los puertos Españoles por parte del Autoridad Portuaria

El equipo técnico de Anster, participado por IHCantabria comienza los ensayos en el simulador sísmico de 6 grados de libertad en el CEDEX

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