• Octubre  2019
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Long Wave and Run-up Workshop, Santander June 29-30th

The last Long Wave Run-Up Workshop was held in Catalina Island in 2004. After nearly 10 years, we wish to promote a new workshop taking a slightly different approach. A number of scientists have been invited to review and present recent findings in the area of Long Waves & Run-up. The scientific program will include speakers addressing the advances, achievements, challenges and future perspectives in field observations, laboratory experiments and numerical modelling. The aim of the workshop is promoting discussions and interactions between speakers and the audience, and hopefully foster novel collaborations and ideas.

The scientific program of the conference will include the following invited speakers:

  • Prof. B.G. Ruessink, Utrecht University – Field Measurements
  • Dr A. van Dongeren, Deltares – Laboratory Observations
  • Prof. P. Liu, Cornell University – Tsunami research. Part 1: Laboratory and Modelling Overview
  • Prof. P. Lynett, University of Southern California – Tsunami research. Part 2. Field Observations and Modelling Applications
  • Prof. A. Reniers, University of Miami, Delft University – Observations and Modelling of Surfzone Infragravity Motions
  • Prof. M. Zijlema – Delft University – Advances and Perspectives in Numerical Modelling using Nonlinear Shallow Water Equations
  • Prof. R. Holman – Oregon State University – Swash hydrodynamics: advances and challenge
  • Prof. P. Bonnetton, University of Bordeaux 1- Advances and Perspectives in Numerical Modelling using a Green-Naghdi Approach
  • Prof. M. Brocchini, Università Politecnica delle Marche - Advances and Perspectives in Numerical Modelling using Boussinesq Equations
  • Dr. J. L. Lara, University of Cantabria - Advances and Perspectives in Numerical Modelling using Navier-Stokes Equations

The workshop will be held at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria on June 29-30, in Santander. The address to the Institute is provided here: C/ Isabel Torres, nº 15 (Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria).

The deadline for registration is 1st June 2012. Registration is 100 Euros (50 Euros for students) and includes 1 lunch (June 29th), 1 dinner (June 29th) and coffee breaks.

We look forward to seeing you in Santander.

Iñigo J. Losada

Javier L. Lara

Giovanni Coco

For further information please visit the conference website: ICCE2012.com

Descripción del evento

Fecha de inicio: Viernes, 29 Junio-2012 - 00:00
Fin evento: Sábado, 30 Junio-2012 - 00:00
Capacidad: Ilimitado
Precio Individual €100.00
No es necesario registrarse para este evento.
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