Monday, 11 June 2012 16:07


GLOBAL Wave, current and wind data

At IH Cantabria we have developed over the years a methodology for the development of metocean (wind, wave, currents and sea level) numerical data calibrated using diverse instrumental information. Data bases have global coverage.

The information has been contrasted in the most relevant peer reviewed journals in the field and is currently being used by several institutions worldwide

- 60 year hourly data series for waves, wind and currents on a global, regional and local scale (GOW, GOS, GOT, DOW, DOS, DOT) for marine climate.

- Calibration and validation using instrumental data (satellites, tidal gauges and buoys)

- Determination of variables at different time scales (seasonality, inter-annual variations, and long term trends)

- Marine dynamic forecasting for short (24 – 72 h) and mid terms (1 to 6 months at the regional and local scale.

- Statistical analysis based on advances in developed software

- Advanced downscaling techniques

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