Monday, 04 June 2012 18:31


IH Cantabria is working in collaboration with HR Wallingford in developing the next generation of integrated models and methodologies to determine the associated with river and coastal flooding.

This software is a tool which is able to model the two dimensional hydrodynamic flood (through the detailed calculation of the speeds and drafts in the floodplain); estimate the probabilities of failure of defense structures (by estimating the failure mechanisms) and evaluate the consequences of the flood in terms of economic loss and human lives.

Through collaboration with HRWallingford, this comprehensive model incorporates the continuous simulation program RFSM EDA, property of HR Wallingford, which has been widely used and validated worldwide.

FRE is an integral management tool to address not only extreme events, resource management, strategic planning and watershed assessment of the effects of climate change on natural hazards.

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