River flooding

River flooding

The definition of the hydraulic behavior of a river channel is the basis to plan comprehensive strategies for the  standardization of the protection of people and property from flooding, taking into consideration the environmental needs of the river. This definition can be done with  varying degrees of detail and using several different methodological approaches. In this sense, IH Cantabria's experience ranges from the development and application of two dimensional models to the characterization of different channels or the flood analysis using satellite imagery. AS a consequence of our knowledge of river hydraulics, IH Cantabria has conducted characterization studies of forecasting and flood risk in river systems, as well as several projects concerning defenses, protection and recovery of margins, planning and management of river areas, etc..

Some relevant work

- Feasibility study for the development of a tourist resort in Loreto-Paradise (Baja California Sur, Mexico)

DATE: 2006
CLIENT: FADESA SA - Engineering Aquatica S. L.
TASKS: Characterization of flood risk and erosion in a complex system composed of rivers, lakes and coastal area. Planning activities in river channels and lakes, and designing a strategy for coastal protection.


- Mapping of flood risk in the municipality of Polanco (Cantabria)

DATE: 2008
CLIENT: Ministry of the Presidency of the Government of Cantabria.
TASKS: Definition of flood zones in the municipality of Polanco for different probabilities of occurrence using mathematical modeling, taking into account  extreme flooding events in the channels and tidal influence.

- Technical and Cartographic Drafting Plan for Civilian Flood Risk Protection of Cantabria. (INUNCANT)

DATE: 2009
CLIENT: Civil Protection Department of the Government of Cantabria.
TASKS: Development of hazard  and flood risk
maps using mathematical modeling in the basins of Cantabria.

- Flood risk analysis on fluvial flood effects at the confluence of rivers Sar and Ulla in the TM Padrón (Galicia, Spain)

DATE: 2010
CLIENT: Aquatica Engineering S. L. and Toponor SA
TASKS: Assessing flood risk in the area of the confluence of rivers Sar and Ulla, using advanced numerical tools, both in hydrology and hydraulic calculations. The latter were developed with the two-dimensional model

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