The RECORAM project  (Optimization of monitoring networks to assess conservation of high mountain rivers. Ref: 132/2010) is a project funded by the Autonomous National Parks Agency of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, effective 2011-2013 and was undertaken at the National Park of Picos de Europa in Northern Spain.

The end result of the project will be the design of a monitoring network for the conservation status of river ecosystems using tested variables and field campaigns that allow control-impact statistics necessary to be able to quantify the effects of specific pressures. To achieve this fundamental objective has been a distributed hydrological model (SWAT) and there have been stretches of rivers classified according to their hydrological function and the physical characteristics of the habitat. Cameras have been installed and pressure and temperature sensors are used to monitor these variables continuously and point sampling has been conducted all of which will help evaluate the adequacy of the structural and functional ecosystem to monitor point and diffuse discharges in the river network of the Park.

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