Water Planning and Management

Water Planning and Management

In spite of its strategic importance and immense socio-economic relevance, water is usually not managed as a scarce commodity. This is due, in part, to the difficulty of knowing in detail the spatial and temporal distribution of water flows, unevenly distributed in space and time, which would require significant financial resources available specifically designed for this but also influenced by other factors, including historical abundance of this resource in many regions and also the need to invest significant financial resources in maintaining networks of pipes and other underground , which, though less visible , are also necessary .

At IH Cantabria we strive to acquire an extensive and thorough knowledge of water flows , including their variations in time and space, as this is the starting point for any panning and management project. The main goal is therefore to, based on statistics and numerical modeling tools,  combine efficiency and eqaulity criteria to propose solutions thatmake compatible the availability of resources with current and future demands .

While the quality and quantity of the input data is crucial to establish a framework of rationality and objectivity in the decision -making process,  measures can not be derived from a mathematical algorithm in a computer program. It is at this point that we must include socio-economic, environmental, cultural , etc. aspects, all of which are of great importance. In short , management and planning of the water cycle is an activity that integrates multiple disciplines and methods, and must be addressed from an integrated perspective, experience and participation.

Some relevant jobs:

- Study of water resources of the rivers of the northern slope of Cantabria

DATE : 2005
CLIENT: Cantabria Waste Company. Government of Cantabria
TASKS: Daily calculation of flows within the river's natural regime at 57 points distributed throughout the 12 major rivers in the  Northern Cantabria
basin, for the period between 1970 and 2003.

- Technical studies for drafting the Upper Supply Plan of Cantabria ( PAALCAN ) 

DATE : 2007
CLIENT: Ministry of Environment of the Government of Cantabria
TASKS: Characterization of resources and demands; study of the hydraulic operation of the overall
water distribution system, estimation of investment costs, operation and maintenance of the system and 


-Guide to good practices for efficient management of municipal services water supply. Application to the Principality of Asturias (Spain)

DATE : 2009
CLIENT: Asturias Water Consortium ( CADASA )
TASKS: Suggestions for improvement in the
water service management of  the Principality of Asturias based on an analysis of the general situation of water supply systems in the region and the water-saving measures  and efficiency improvements applied.

- Water Plan 2010-2015 for the Cantabrian Region (Spain) Programa de medidas

DATE : 2010
CLIENT: Ministry of Environment of the Government of Cantabria
TASKS: Analysis of the results of a public participation process in rivers linked the northern slope of Cantabria to develop the Hydrological Plan 2010-2015

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