Physical Modelling

Physical Modelling

At IH Cantabria core activities include conducting physical model tests where we study phenomena related to the generation and propagation of waves, wave-wave interaction, wave-current and wave-structure, stability and performance of protective structures coastal breakwaters and marine structures, behavior of floating structures, operation of valves and hydraulic machines and devices testing marine energy generation.

The capacities of the facilities, the experience of team members and the use of numerical modeling software generation and advanced instrumentation allow basic research trials run behavior of fluids, structures and devices, calibration and validation of all types of numerical models, and the design testing and optimization of structures and specific models used in river and marine environment.

Some work done

- Innovative Technologies for Safer European Coasts in a Changing Climate (THESEUS)camara theseus 008

DATES: 2009-2012

CLIENT: European Union

WORK: Experimental characterization of the attenuation of wave energy due to the interaction flow - vegetation.

- Analysis on breakwater stability channeling in Ponta Negra, Brazil  MG_3725

DATES: 2009

CLIENT: Delta Aquamodelo Construçoes and Engineering
TASKS: Confirmation and breakwater design optimization of 3D trials channeling with ODD. The study included the construction of detailed bathymetry, temporary calibration wave of design, construction and testing of breakwater stability of the whole structure.


- Stability Tests of a jetty for dry bulk terminal in South America  IMG 0098

DATES: 2012


TASKS: Confirmation berthing jetty design with 3D in CCOB trials. The study included the construction of detailed bathymetry, two temporary calibration design waves produced by hurricanes, construction of breakwater structures including docking and stability testing of the entire structure.


- Characterization of the resistance of the "Cubípodo" pieceDSC04398

DATES: 2012


TASKS: Obtaining the stabilityfunction of the part to be placed as part of the armored layer proteccción of the nose and breakwater.

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