Operational Systems and Exploitation

Operational Systems and Exploitation

In the last decade, IH Cantabria has been actively involved in the formulation of innovative solutions, development of numerical tools and deep understanding of the physical ocean, to optimize the construction and operation in ports, with the primary aim of adjusting costs, maximize safety of the workforce, and expand efficient working windows. Port activity worldwide has the need to increase the future movement of goods, tackle ever larger ships, expand the discharge areas and maneuver, and implement better and more secure computers. This makes port works projecting increasingly large in size, to move toward outer coastal areas, and therefore exposure to the action is complex, variable, and severe environmental conditions.

This means that there is a rethink in the way of planning the construction process of new port infrastructure, and traditional management in the daily operation of existing infrastructure. Therefore, the builder / manager must understand and manage port processes increasingly complex and costly, in relation to the movement of materials and machinery management on site and must prioritize in setting thresholds for optimal safety staff and labor. Thus, the IH Cantabria at the service manager / constructor port an operational methodology, adapted for the daily management of activities related to the work and operation of seaports, through innovative design tools and algorithms to solve and optimize manage from a predictive standpoint, the various problems inherent in this branch of engineering.

Relevant works

- Analysis of agitation port in the port of Las Palmas

DATES: 2011-2012

CLIENT: Port Authority of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

TASK: Study establecimeinto agitation and functionality of regimes in the docks.


- Study for the development of a system to reduce wave agitation in Marina YatesMarina yates_del_principado_1

DATES: 2009

CLIENT: Port Authority of Gijón

TASK: ESTABLISHING plant requirements depending on the functionality required. stirring seasonal regimes shortwave and longwave.


 - Development of a system for forecasting waves and sea level for short-term planning of the construction works in Sancti Petri, Cadiz

DATES: 2009
CLIENT: Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.
TASK: Generating a prediction of system performance conditions of the port works. variables: wind, waves and sea levels.FECHAS: 2009


- Development and design of a new system of planning, implementation and operation of maritime works (SAYOM).

DATES: 2007-2009
CLIENT: Dragados SA - CDTI
TASK: development of conceptual and technical bases for the development of an operational short-term response generally multi-purpose.

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