Numerical Modelling

Numerical Modelling

In the last decades IH Cantabria has dedicated an important amount of resources to developing its own next-generation numerical tools to study offshore wave transformation processes  and their effect on port infrastructures. By using these models developed internally , was added to a specific methodology for the analysis and design of coastal infrastructure based on the integration of the different tools and techniques existing study , to get maximum benefit in the identification of variables associated with the functionality and stability of infrastructure design, culminating in an optimal design and quality.

Amongst the numerical models developed by IH Cantabria we can find deep sea to shorelines wave propagation models such as MOPLA or IH-BOUSS. The latter is a nonlinear wave propagation model which uses Boussinesq equations and allows the study of the nonlinear transformation of waves off the coast for entire sea states. MSP and MANOLO models allow studying port resonance phenomena, both in its phase  integrated version (MSP) as well as in transitional phases (MANOLO) IH Cantabria  offers an extense range of Computational Fluid Dynamics models based on RANS equations both in two-dimensional  (IH-2VOF) and three dimensional versions (IH-3VOF e IH-FOAM), which allow the determination of the fotces that the wave exert on conventional and non-conventional structures, and the study of the variables related with the functionality of these structures, such as overtopping.

Some relevant projects:

- Numerical analysis Shtokman dam Port of Shtokman Port of Shtokman

DATES : 2009
CLIENT: Sogreah
TASKS : Two-dimensional simulation of the interaction of the dam with the surf 

- Study of functional response of breakwaters at the new Langosteira Port (SPAIN).  Nueva imagen 1

DATE: 2010
CLIENT: UTE Langosteira
TASKS: Computational study of the response to certain sea states outside the breakwater 


- Analysis of the stresses on the shoulder of the dam from the Marina at the Port of Laredo puerto laredo 30-06-2010 1

DATE: 2008
CLIENT: Government of Cantabria
TASKS: Functional analysis of the north dike section and counter-dike and structural design of the shoulder 

 - Study of functionality and stability of the breakwater of the new port of Garachico (Tenerife ) puertogara

DATE: 2011
CLIENT: Aquática Civil Engineering
TASKS: defining the parameters of functionality and the review of section type from the numerical simulation 


- Support for the Analysis of breaching and flooding events and coastal protection design in San Andres, Tenerifesanandres

DATE: 2012
CLIENT: Port Authority of Tenerife
TASKS: Characterization of breaching events and analysis of coastal protection using
IH-Bouss and IH-2VOF

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