Structural monitoring

Structural monitoring

Over the last 20 years IH Cantabria has been developing full-scale monitoring systems of coastal structures (natural and/or artificial) with three objectives :

  • the development of new design technologies based on modeling without scale effects,
  • maintenance of early warning and monitoring systems
  • monitoring of the risk evolution of real structures throughout their life-span.

Using both commercial technologies (GPS, doppler anemometry, buoys accelerometer, pressure and kinematic sensors, remote sensing, etc.) as well as measurement techniques developed ad hoc, IH has accumulated extensive experience in several fields such as: monitoring of breakwaters other port structures, measuring of coastal met-ocean variables,  follow-up of sedimentary process on beaches and estuaries, dynamics of floating objects , etc . Real knowledge on the behaviour of coastal structures represents the final step of the design process and optimization, and complements the theoretical,  numerical and experimental work carried out to scale.

Relevant projects:

- Red Vigia
boya virgen_del_mar_sin_logo
DATES : 2009-2012
CLIENT: Government of Cantabria -Cuevas S. L.
TASKS : Development and management of a monitoring system for marine climate and water quality


- Study of the evolution of the Puntal Beach  Nueva imagen7

DATES : 2002-2011
CLIENT: Project -EU Seaway
TASKS: Monitoring the morphodynamic evolution of Santander spit tusing advanced video imagery technologies.


-Development of a prototype for offshore wind potential measurement

DATES : 2010-2012
TASKS: Hydraulic Design of a support buoy, definition of the technical requirements and data post processing of the data capture system.


- Monitoring of thePrincipe de Asturias dam shoulder Principe de Asturias

DATES : 1994-1998
CLIENT: Port Authority of Gijón
TASKS: design and operation of a wave measurement system in fron of a breakwater a well as the actuations on the face of the dam Prince of Asturias




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